Miguel Piedrafita

Miguel Piedrafita

Hi! I'm Miguel Piedrafita, a 21-year-old maker.
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Web3 is not a space, but a tool

Brain dump on post-crypto perspective, and re-exploring who I want to be.

Gas Optimizations for the Rest of Us

The basics of optimizing Solidity contracts, explained for regular coders.

Decentralized Comments for Mirror

You can now comment on my Mirror entries! Here’s how I implemented it in a decentralized way.

Going Down the EIP-712 Rabbit Hole

I spent way too much time figuring out how to generate and validate typed data signatures so you don't have to.

It's Showtime!

👋 Hey! I couldn't be more excited to announce I'm joining Showtime to help build the best crypto social network.

How to Learn (Crypto)

Outlining my approach to quickly learning new subjects, and how you too can become a crypto expert in less than you think.

Server Authentication for web3

One of the big appeals of dApps is that the user owns their data. However, for this to be true, we need to authenticate the user with their web3 identity (their wallet). This is easy to do client-side (since they can submit all their tx's themselves using Metamask) but gets harder when we need to verify their identity from a server.

Building apps with Mirror

Over the past few weeks, I built a few apps that integrated with Mirror, to try and understand how their protocol worked. I started using their internal APIs and, from there, worked my way to more decentralized sources. Here’s how I did it (and how you can too).

Hello, Mirror!

Hey! I’m Miguel, and last week I dropped out of university to work on crypto. I’ll be using Mirror to share my crypto journey and talk about projects I work on and things I learn.